Some of last year’s gifts for Jen’s House students

Looks like the snow is here to stay, decorations have begun to pop up around the city, and the holiday season has officially arrived. We are wishing a safe and happy holiday to you and your loved ones. We hope it is filled with warmth, laughter and love.

We are also wishing the same for our Jen’s House students, and you can help make sure that happens. This year, our holiday wish is simple: a home away from home for our Jen’s House students.

Our students must travel far from home for their education, without the comforting arms of their families, and we want Jen’s House to be as comfortable as possible for them. You can help us achieve that by choosing one of the gifts ideas below. Take a look at what kind of support you can provide for our students and see how far your donation can go!




$25 – Food!
Special foods and treats are not within the means of our students. Help us treat them from time to time with your gift this holiday season!

$45 – Going Home!
Send a student home five times next semester. The sacrifice Jen’s House families make in their quest for education is one of separation. Help us send our students home for family visits and special holidays!

$75 – New Clothes! 
This gift can keep a student clothed this year! Cold season is in full swing in the mountains. Includes: a warm coat, a school uniform, shoes and socks, play clothes, a backpack and underwear.

$125 – Chance to Learn!
Best of all – this gift can keep a student at Jen’s House for a month. A safe and happy home away from home!

$150 – Santa’s Bundle!
The gift of education, plus a special something! This can cover the total cost of one students stay at Jen’s House for a month, plus a special Christmas gift from you to them!


Follow the link below to our Canada Helps page. Select “Donate Now” or “Donate Monthly”, then the amount. Dedicate your donation in honour or in memory of someone special for a gift that gives twice!


Donate Now!


This has been another year of your endless generosity and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so excited to see what this season brings.



Warm coats from last year’s Holiday Wish List