As part of the photo project I conducted at Jen’s House, I gave some students cameras as they visited the village of Ma Wah Kee during the time of a unity ceremony (also known as a string tying ceremony).  Ni Ki, a student  is from Ma Wah Kee who is currently in middle school (which runs from grade 7-9) was one of the students who participated in this project. Every time I have interacted with Ni ki, I really enjoy my time with her; she tries really hard to learn and is always ready with her sweet smile.  She is pictured above with her parents.

I asked Ni Ki to take pictures of things that, to her, represented Karen culture and that she would want people in Canada to see. When I got the camera back (which she had shared with several other students) there were many, many pictures on it! With a small group of students we went through all her pictures and she chose three of her favorite pictures, and each of the other students (and Coleen and […]