Sarah and I made a very special trip today to Jen’s House, located approximately one hour’s drive outside of Chiang Mai. Who is Jen and why was this trip so special? Let me back up a bit to explain.

In December we met Coleen Scott and her husband Bob while visiting with some other farangs (foreigners) on our little laneway in Chiang Mai. Coleen and Bob are from Ottawa and come to Chiang Mai each winter, but their purpose here is much greater and more noble than to simply escape the frigid temperatures of Canada’s capital. It is as much a personal mission as it is an annual holiday. Coleen first came to Thailand in 2001 with her daughter Jenny, and while trekking through the mountains became acquainted with the Karen hill tribe people, an ethnic group living in the mountains of both Myanmar and Thailand. Coleen and Jenny were instantly captivated by the simplicity of their lifestyle and the kindness and love they displayed. They also saw first-hand the challenges faced, in particular the lack of education. Jenny […]