Awards KLEO Support Group received two awards from the Karen Community in Ottawa. I am happy to share them with all of you who make our work possible. I write this note of appreciation to the OKYC, The Karen Community of Ottawa and the Ottawa Karen Baptist Church. Thank you for your recognition of Kleo’s efforts to support Karen people in Ottawa. The Karen peoples gesture and acceptance of our work makes tells me we are working well together. It reassures me that we are finding the right way to support their dreams and goals. I look forward to many more years of learning and understanding through the Karen peoples generous spirit of inclusiveness.

The dedication on the first award reads;

“As Karen Community and Church of Ottawa, it is our privilege and honour to present this certificate to Karen Learning and Education Opportunity Group. Since 2006 KLEO has been guiding and assisting our Karen families with their integration to the Canadian society and the area of children education development, more than that, KLEO has assisted Karen youth who attend college and universities and started the Karen literature learning program for Karen children to maintain their language of origin. We genuinely honour and value your service for our community and church.”

Ottawa Karen Youth Award