Elmdale Public School Receives KLEO’s Global Citizenship Award


In May I had the pleasure of meeting and presenting Ms. Moran’s class of 2013-2014 at Elmdale Public School with our Global Citizenship Award. The class raised 405.95 by organizing a cake auction. Their contribution will be used to support our work with unaccompanied minors living in refugee camps along the Thai/Burma border.


Jacqui Moran's letter about her students' contribution

The students listened with great intent as I described the lives of the children who have no parents to care for them. I am very excited by the fact that some of the students will continue their engagement by becoming pen-pals with some of the refugee children in Mae Ra Ma Refugee Camp in Thailand. Congratulations on your global thinking!

— Coleen Scott, President

Lansdowne’s Roof

Boys'DormIn December 2010 Micael Faulkner, a partner in Lansdowne Technologies, travelled to Thailand with his wife, Marilyn for the first time. The Faulkners have been enthusiastic supporters of Jen’s House. 

Lansdown’s Roof is the result of the generous, caring nature of a team of people. Thanks to them, it is a much drier rainy season at Jen’s House.

Building Lansdowne’s Roof