Nut’s Thai name is Nutchakan Ubomo, thus the nickname she has carried since childhood. Fortunately in Karen and Thai her name translates into the sound of Nhut.  She is Jen’s house-parents niece and she needs our help. Nut is seventeen years old.

Nut spent three years at Jen’s House. After graduation from middle school she decided that she wanted to go to a high school that would prepare her to continue on to nursing. Many high schools in Thailand focus on students individual interests and generally are connected to a college or university. This translates into a guaranteed placement for successful students at the associate college or university upon graduation of high school. Jen’s house supports only those students who continue on to San Patong High School as we know it is well recognized for providing a high level of education.

It was not an easy decision for the family to make as it meant that the increased costs for schooling would be their sole responsibility. However, as families do, they pulled together to cover the 8,000 Baht (300.00 Cdn.) school fees, plus the uniform and living expenses for Nut for the past 3 years. She will graduate high school this year, March 2016, with a 3.71 GPA.  That was before their crops failed. Unfortunately her parents have fallen on hard times and they cannot afford to cover college costs.


 Natchachan (right) with Wannapon (another Jen’s House graduate)help to build a mud block home in Nong Tao.

As difficult as it is for Nut to come to terms with the fact that she will not be able to fulfill her college goal, it was even more difficult for Tamla to bring her situation to my attention. The day I went to Nong Tao to discuss Nut’s situation with her parents it was obvious that they had humbled themselves to ask for help. I could see how difficult it was for them to speak about their situation. Initially we were trying to establish an amount that they would be able to  contribute to their daughter education. Although they agreed to cover the living expenses it was obvious that the reality of their situation would cause considerable strain on the family.  Eventually Nut’s mother admitted that they really could not afford to pay anything. Unlike Nikki’s mother (see International Day – Nikki’s story) and perhaps because of Tamla’s influence Nut’s mother wants her daughter to continue with her education. She fully understands the benefits of her daughter’s education.

The cost for Nut’s first term is 30,000, (about  1,150.00 Cdn) plus living expenses of 3,500 Baht monthly (135.00 Cdn.) for 10 months.

Nut was definite that nursing was her calling and her choice has brought her closer to where she now wants to go. Having the advantage of knowing medical terms and hospital procedures Nut has would like to go to college to obtain a certificate in Medical Administration. Here is what she has to say about herself;