Kleo and Kameleon

red2JewelPop Inc makes Kameleon Jewelry — a creative jewelry line that allows interchangeable JewelPops to interconnect with a wide range of rings, bracelets, brooches and pendants. JewelPop Inc has been a generous supporter of Kleo.

It’s said that when right conditions exist, right actions
occur, and so it is with the story of this profoundly
unique synergy of Kleo and Kameleon.

~ by Coleen

Over the years I have become better at speaking about how I came to be involved with the Karen people. I can almost not lose it; but that’s not a given. In sharing openly personal stories of pain, renewal, or hope, there are no rules, no givens. I have come to learn that the sharing of life chronicles devoid of an opportunity for the flow of emotions results in half-tales. So it was that my story unfolded, in the privacy of Jill’s office, where freedom of emotion allowed for a full narration in a conference call with four people I had never met and could not see.

Jill Anguaya’s creative, intuitive nature

It is Jill Anguaya’s creative intuitive nature that is the beginning of the Kleo—Kameleon relationship. When I picked up the phone in early October of 2012 the heart bursting excitement in Jill’s voice was uncontrollable. Something about a letter she had written to a friend and supplier Bob Smith. Her enthusiasm about his wanting to meet with me was exuberant. Not understanding the basis for her excitement but knowing Jill I found myself caught up in the fervour of the moment just because well… because it’s Jill. A meeting… maybe a conference call… jewel pops… come to her office!

Jill's email to Bob Smith
From Bob after our conference call
To Bob after our conference call

Jill’s connection

We were a perfect fit! Jill’s heart believed… and so it came to be.

I met Jill in the mid eighties; a spirited young girl, a school friend of my daughter. Although the course of their lives took them in different directions Jenny and Jill remained good friends. Since Jen’s passing our relationship has grown and Jill’s friendship continues to be a source of personal support. Jill and husband, Jacinto have put their family’s unparalleled commitment to global social awareness into action supporting KLEO’s work. They created the connection between JewelPop and Kleo, and through their retail business Quichua, they continue to raise awareness and support for the Karen people.

About JewelPops

JewelPops are creative jewelry designs that connect to a wide range of rings, bracelets, pendants, and many more. They enable creativity and individuality, in an ever-expanding collection of moods, styles, and imagery.


For Kleo, Kameleon created a series of designs called KarmaPops, featuring a beautiful dragonfly motif.

A portion of every sale of KarmaPops is given to Kleo.

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KarmaPops can be purchased from Kameleon by clicking these links: