It was a chilly, blustery, start to this years West-fest with temperatures between 14 and 17.  The Ladies of Nong Tao’s hand-woven scarves flapped in the wind like flags on a ship.  Everything was weighted down except for the tent. Each time a strong gale flew in Coleen grabbed onto one of the poles so it wouldn’t take flight. 

Three Kleo folks arrived at our old spot beside what used to be Quichua’s World Market but were told that we could no longer set up there. “There is a big play station taking up the whole section,ColeenAtWestfest2014 there is no room for you.” No amount of chatter could shake or convince the boss lady in the golf cart. However, she did suggest we approach Shoppers Drugmart as there was no one setting up there.

As Mindy, (the best beggar in the group) flew down to beg for space, Bob and Coleen started to slowly pack up with hopes that they may still be able to squeeze in somewhere.  And then, there was Mindy flying back with a thumbs up in the air.

The response from Manager Wendy at Shopper’s could not have been more refreshing, “The street is for everyone”, was her welcoming remark.  Westfest is a neighborhood venue that provides Kleo and other humanitarian organizations an opportunity to spread awareness about their work.  In spite of the cool of the day many browsers stopped by to chat, I think the waving colourful scarf-flags drew them in.