2015-12-11 23.40.37Lanna International School’s, Community Service Learning Class, kicked off their food drive/fundraising campaign for KLEO this past Saturday. A week ago Ingi and I were invited to meet with this socially conscious group of students and speak about KLEO’s work. The class has decided to try to raise funds and food for our Karen students. It wasn’t long before they had organized themselves into four groups and a brainstorming session ensued. The first of a long list of ideas that the students put together was to participate in the school’s garage sale.

The following Saturday Ingi and I decided to drop in and give them our support on the day of the sale. By the time we arrived at 8:15 the garage sale was in full swing.

I’d asked Tamla to choose three student representatives from Jen’s House to come out and be a part of the experience. They were waiting for us when we arrived. The garage sale and being at an International School would be a new experience for our three students. They were very excited as the five of us headed into the very busy front hall. Jen's House Representative- feeling a little shy. After taking a brief tour through the crowds looking for Teacher Dave and the community service class it was Ingi who spotted Dave first. He directed us to the student’s table. It was overflowing with a variety of donations they had gathered up. Clothes were the main item up for grabs. The students had priced their donation for quick sales at 20 Baht an item and shoppers were mulling about.

 Looking In - Jen's House GirlsJen’s House (right) and Lanna students were introduced and we added our signs, picture, and donation boxes to finish off their display. The Lanna students moved about with enthusiasm, confident in their home territory.  Our students movements were carefully calculated, mountain students are shy and reserved in public.  It wasn’t long before they were looking for a place to take refuge.


The Lanna team was geared up for the event and the sale continued until 11:00. During the last fifteen minutes the Lanna students moved into their final game plan.  A spontaneous chorus of, “Ten baht, everything on the table. Ten baht each!” It was their final push to bring in the baht. Bargain hunters bolted to their table in a final flurry for the best deals of the day.  As the vendors started to pack up a couple students carried a sign around looking for additional donations that would go to the refugee camps along with their leftovers.

"Ten Baht, ten baht each!"

“Ten Baht, ten baht each!”

Lanna students stayed with us to the end, loading the leftovers into our truck. Final count for their efforts was over 2,300 Baht ($90.00). Way to go Team 1, Community Service class of 2015. Will the bragging rights be yours?  A great beginning to your KLEO fundraising initiative!

“Lanna International School Thailand (LIST) is an international school in Thailand. Lanna International School Van LIST was founded in 1993 to serve the Chiang Mai community and provides a non-sectarian, English language, international coeducational school. LIST is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and has been fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 2002. LIST is a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS). In 2005 Lanna also gained the status of becoming a Cambridge University International Examination Centre. LIST offers its students the opportunity to gain an American High School Certificate, but also British qualifications in the form of IGCSEs, As and A levels. Today, Lanna’s 257 students in Foundation Years through Year 13 represent twenty-four nationalities and seventeen languages. LIST leads the way in Chiang Mai in offering established British IGCSE and A Level courses. In their final four years at the school, students work towards the widely recognised Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and later the Cambridge Advanced Level (A Level) qualifications. Students leave LIST with qualifications that are widely recognized, allowing them direct entry to universities all over the world. LIST is the only school in the North of Thailand to offer a British education from nursery right through to graduation. In recent years LIST has become the de facto choice for those seeking a true international education, with a British twist, here in Chiang Mai. It has also developed quite a reputation for being a positive and friendly school where students genuinely enjoy their education.

Mr. Dave

Jen's House Students with Ingi and Teacher Dave

Jen’s House Students with Ingi and Teacher Dave

PGCE (GTP) University of Wales, Cardiff; BA (Hons)- American Studies, University of Wales, Swansea; TESOL-    Oxford House College. After completing TESOL and teaching in Barcelona for a while, I arrived in Chiang Mai, and initially taught English as a foreign language at Montfort College. After two years, I returned to the UK in order to gain the necessary qualifications which would allow me to develop a career as an international school teacher.

After qualifying, I returned to Chiang Mai and began teaching at Lanna. That was six years ago. I have worked with all year groups and all different levels of English. As the school has expanded its academic program, I have had the opportunity to work with increasingly ambitious students in achieving the very high academic standards demanded by A-level English Language and Literature. It is the students and their open-minded attitude which, for me, make coming to work a positive experience; I have not worked at a school where there was such a positive and productive relationship between staff and students.