Everlasting Memories!

On December 26, 2015 Jen’s House family gathered in the Karen Town of Nong Tao, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. We came together to share and celebrate the success of a collective effort;  that is to provide opportunities for education for ethnic mountain children. Much to my surprise it was also a celebration of my birthday!

Everyone enjoyed the great food and rolled away from the table to relax just as dusk was falling.





Tamla welcomed everyone and offered her thanks for their contribution she mentioned that I would say a few words a little later. During her introduction she talked about the Jen’s House family and how happy we were be together, including Jen’s House grandchildren.

After some songs and dance she called for me to come forward. Little did I realize that my getting up to speak was to be the cue to an amazing surprise.

As I stepped up to the microphone everything went black and silent. It didn’t surprise me as it’s normal for the power to be dodgy at the best of times in Nong Toa. But, what happened next certainly […]

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Snippets and Scenes from Thailand, 2015 Part 2

To continue my 2015 memories as I interned with Coleen:

Ban Rai Dormitory, Mae Sarieng:  “We don’t have any books.” This group of students has time but few productive ways to fill it.  They have little homework because sometimes the teachers at their government school don’t show up. They sing in the choir and love music but have no instruments or teachers, sports equipment, or books. I asked what they would like to do in their free time and the girls said, “We would like books, you know, about accounting, computers, business. Work. And English.” They are restless teens and preteens living in a village that is threatened by an all-too-thriving drug trade, and all the seedy, dangerous “opportunities” that come with it. Coleen and I brought back some volleyballs, footballs, and badminton gear.  I spent an afternoon playing with the students. They were so happy and that night a little more open and relaxed to chat, and try out their English with me.  This dorm has come a long was in the year that KLEO took over support […]

New Year is Here!

A long overdue “Hello” to all our friends and supporters from Thailand to Canada, and all in between.    I’m Ingi, KLEO’s “Girl on the Ground” in Chiang Mai.  It’s been a year already since I first met Coleen, my friendly neighbor, and joined her in working side by side with the Karen people.  And it’s about time that I popped my head up to introduce myself and begin to share my experiences, and help to continue spreading the stories and successes of our students and friends.  What an amazing year of growth and learning, and connecting with so many lovely people! I’ll share a few highlights from the year, so you too can share this connection.

Snippets and Scenes from Thailand, 2015

Maw Wah Khee Village: “Jenny Moe!!” (Jenny’s Mom) This was the endearing cry from the families as Coleen and I walked around the village on my first trip.  She is welcomed like a family member coming home, and I, by association and by the value of Coleen’s earned trust, am too so warmly accepted into their home. I […]

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