Some years ago I wrote an article about Sao Come. Call it fate, but a lottery changed his plans. However, not in the way you might expect.



2010 – From Jen’s House-mother, Tamla

“Unfortunately there is bad news about one of the boys, Sao Come is in the hospital and it looks like he will be there for anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. He has septic arthritis in the knee.”

To understand the seriousness of this diagnosis, the following is an email response I received from a Dr. in Ottawa. “If the child has septic arthritis this means he has a bacterial infection within the knee joint. Usually the child would be sick with a fever and might appear quite ill with this diagnosis. The treatment would be long term antibiotics perhaps infused directly into the joint as well as orally or IV.  The synovial fluid should be cultured to see what organism is causing the infection and to what antibiotic the bacteria is susceptible. This is a serious infection that could lead to destruction of the joint if it is acute. If […]